Best Headphones under $100

Best Headphones under $100

Just as phones and PCs have become essential to our daily internet oriented lives, headphones have become somewhat of a necessity considering how important music is to us in the same proportion. However, it takes more than two small speakers interconnected through thin wires to make the best headphones these days. Getting the best audio quality from the sounds played on our devices on the top of our preference these days, among many other things as will be discussed below.

Features of the Best Headphones Under $100

This segment contains the features of the best budget headphones you should expect within the $100 price range. To get the best value for your money, you have to make sure that your choice features a significant percentage of these qualities explained as follows;

Sound Quality:

Apart from getting a more personal experience with your music, headphones are supposed to give you a more detailed version of these songs, with the bass and treble well filtered. However, the best headphones do more than just that.

The Noise-cancelling features of headphones help you create silence within the bounds of your listening range and focus your hearing on the sound you’re playing while keeping the environmental noise out.

While sounds really cool, you need to be aware of your surroundings while you use headphones like this to avoid accidents. They are best suited for closed spaces without any potential hazards.

Conclusively, the best headphones under $100 should have noise cancelling features to give you a better experience with your audio.

Wireless Connection:

One of the most significant upgrades in the headphone trend since inception is the use us wireless connections. Apart from being less durable and liable to snap at the slightest accidents, wires are not the most comfortable things to have tangled all over your body. Both Bluetooth and wifi options have surfaced since this addition. Look out for the most recent Bluetooth versions, e.g. 4.2, and the most recent 5.0. The more recent the better, and that goes for wifi too.

One other recent consideration is the NFC technology found in both Android and iPhones which allow your headphone to connect to music sources by tapping them together.

With $100, you should be able to get a nice wireless headphone.


This concerns the music production of the headphone just as much as the quality of material used to manufacture it. On many occasions, we’ve all seen headphones snap at the handles.

The best headphones have iron filings underneath to keep the handles from snapping, or are better still manufactured with high quality plastics.

Also, for those with leather or rubber coverings on the speaker; make sure the materials don’t get sticky during the head. This might lead to peeling, and a disfiguration of the overall appearance of the headphone itself. Whether you like it or not, headphones have become an integral part of fashion, like wrist watched and belts. They always have to look good!


The waterproof feature basically improves the overall lifespan of the headphone itself. You also don’t have to be overprotective of it when you go to pools or get scared of damage when it’s raining.

More importantly, check for the maximum depths the headphone you’re getting is suitable for to avoid disappointments.

Built-in Microphones:

Receiving calls with your headphone while still using your phone’s microphone looks really ridiculous. With the built-in microphones, you can receive calls, or even record audio without any need to have your phone in your hands.

Apart from comfort, it also helps increase the clarity of your voice over the phone.

Battery Life:

You might also want to consider the battery life f you’re getting the wireless types. Even at this price range, you should be able to get a headphone that can serve you for an entire journey.

Take this into consideration as well as the time it takes to get fully charged.

Best Headphones under $100 in 2017

  1. Marshall Major II Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

With over 50 years in circulation, the Marshall brand have come the closest to perfection in the headphone production as other top brands that would be reviewed in this section. This particular model, Major II, is a dual function headphone with both wired and wireless functionalities.

For the wired functionality, the double ended coil 3.5mm cord provided has both a remote and microphone compatible with any music player that uses that port size. The bonus part of that is that, in other scenarios, instead of using it to connect to your music player, you can connect your headphone to another headphone and share the music you play while connected wirelessly to the music player itself.

For the wireless functionality, all the controls are fitted into one analog knob that works for the play, pause, shuffle, call receiving and rejection with simple click gestures. For more details about how exactly to go about that, check the user manual provided.

The sound quality is above average with awesome bass response owed to the custom tuned 40mm dynamic drivers.

For the battery duration for both wireless and wired functionalities, you can get at least 30 hours f play time on a full charge. It comes with a ISB cable for recharge.


  • There’re considerably light, hence portable for travel
  • Easy functionality
  • The battery life is impressive


  • It’s a little tight on the ears on average user head width
  1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

This Amazon best Seller has for several decades remained relevant in the electronics audience. This foldable model has a rugged construction to boost durability, large diaphragms with secure and efficient closed-ear design for comfort as well as noise cancelling.

With a frequency response range of 10 – 20kHz, 40mm drivers and neodymium magnets, quality sound exceeding the basic requirements of standard digital audio sources is all you could possibly get from this Sony model.

Being a foldable headphone, you can make it portable enough for travelling. In addition to its high quality sound production, another pro is that it is a lightweight manufacture and as such is very comfortable even after long periods of use. This alone makes it ideal for studio environments and long range travel companionship. It comes with a carrying bag to support the latter benefit.

For connection, its undetachable 9.8- foot cord has a gold plated plug at the end with the inclusion of a ¼ inch adapter.


  • The noise isolation is impressive
  • It is light weight and as such very comfortable
  • Its foldability makes it portable for storage and travel


  • It’s a bit tight on the average head width size
  • The bass tones are slightly lacking
  1. Mpow Bluetooth Headphone

This wireless headset is one of Mpow’s innovative products that have so far been enjoyed in select retailers in over 10 countries worldwide. The design of their products is mostly based on usability and simplicity with a very accommodating customer service.

This particular model has an impressive sound quality with an immersive Hi-fi sound with CSR chip and a 40mm driver. Its noise cancellation sound is better than ANC. In addition to the sound quality, you can get as much comfort as possible from the memory-protein ear cushion, which are soothing to the skin.

Like the Marshall brand previously reviewed, this Mpow model has both wireless and wired functionalities.In the wireless mode, within the 33 feet connection range, you can get up to 13hr music time and 15hr call time in a single charge. The built in microphone only works in the wireless mode to give you an amazing experience with hands-free calls and personal recordings.

One other amazing feature is portability which is characterized by its lightweight and foldable features which makes it easy to pack for travelling and storage.


  • The pairing feature is great
  • The battery life is impressive for that price
  • Awesome noise-cancelling property
  • The material used in its manufacture is very durable


  • The sound quality doesn’t work well for games

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