Which wireless earphone is better – Meizu POP or Jabra Elite Active 65T true wireless earphones

Which wireless earphone is better – Meizu POP or Jabra Elite Active 65T true wireless earphones

The Bluetooth technology has drastically changed the entertainment needs of people, mostly the smartphone users. People love to connect the Bluetooth devices with smartphones and stay wire-free. It provides the best hands-free experience which allows freedom for all the users.

The best part is these wireless devices make use of radio signals which are 1000 times a better option than standard wire technology when it comes to safety. If you are looking for a wireless earphone option, this article will provide you a details review and comparison between Meizu POP or Jabra Elite Active 65T true wireless earphones

Meizu POP wireless earphone review

Meizu surprises with an exciting range of products for all the music loves, it is the perfect competitor of Samsung and Apple Airports.  Meizu POP is available only in white colour and has excellent touch sensitive features.

Features of Meizu POP wireless earphone

Packing and design

The Meizu POP Bluetooth headset comes in a tiny white paper box, the headphones are well secured inside the bubble wrap. It comes with an in build case, perfect for charging and prevents external damage. The design of the Bluetooth comes with the IP6X5 rating and these duals are water resistant. The Bluetooth headset weighs just 5.8 grams per unit and perfect for long hour uses. These earphones can be used for calling and has a powerful battery. It can be used for more than 3 hours before the next charging session.


Meizu POP headset comes with a touch interaction, you don’t need your smartphone to adjust the volume or change the song. Everything can be done with just a single tap on the sensitive earphones. In addition to it, you can also accept or reject the calls.


The Meizu POP has the trending version of Bluetooth which helps to provide a connection between the smartphone and earphones.


The charging of Meizu POP Bluetooth headset is very easy, it can be done via USB wire or with wireless charging. For super-fast charging a type C port is needed to charge the device. The device contains 2 battery one is in build and it has the life of up to 3 hours. The second battery is available inside the holding box and is best to recharge the device without any new power outlet.


  1. Meizu POP wireless earphone comes with an ergonomic in-ear sturdy design and perfect for everyday use.
  2. The touch sensitivity allows the hands-free experience to the user.
  3. The device is water resistant and light weighted.
  4. It comes with 85mAh battery and can go up to 3 hours without charging
  5. It is great for fitness freaks or those who enjoy outdoor activities too much. The design suits perfectly for those who prefer rigorous exercise


Meizu POP Bluetooth headset comes with all essential features at a surprisingly low price. It could have been better if the device has more colour options.


Meizu POP true wireless earphone is the best choice if you have a low budget and are looking for a device with nice design, great and long-lasting battery life.

Jabra Elite Active 65T true wireless earphone review

Jabra is a Denmark based audio maker which are popular name in creating excellent wireless earphones. Jabra has come up with an exciting wireless earphone called Jabra Elite Active 65T. The device comes with an IP56 rating and is famous for the tag being more than regular Apple AirPods substitutes. The device is totally dust and water resistant and comes with voice-based assistants like Alexa, Siri

Features of Jabra Elite Active 65T 


The outer shell of Jabra Elite Active 65T   is similar to the previous version. You can select between navy blue, red and copper color. The buttons offer regular functionality and the right earbud handles all the master controller which is perfect to play or pause. The left side is helpful to increase or decrease the volume of audio files. You can use the same to skip a track of the playlist. The overall look is very premium


Jabra Elite Active 65T is not for the multimedia or gaming lovers. It is best for watching the video and listening to sons. The overall performance is good but the sound quality is not very impressive. The devices fit inside the ear and give an overall nice experience. If you are not satisfied with the overall performance you can move to the sound+ app and use the equalizer to set the desired output.


The earphones come with a robust charging case who can be used for good 15 hours when fully charged. The overall battery life is good for the regular user.


  1. The Jabra Elite Active 65T provides truly a wireless earphone experience to the user. It sits comfortably and gives excellent sound quality.
  2. The battery life is decent and the case has 2 extra charges, you can instantly shoot up the overall charge up to 1.5 hours using the quick charge feature for 15 minutes.
  3. A perfect device to enjoy great music hands-free. It is good to make calls on the go.
  4. The device comes to track workout performance and in build motion sensor. It also comes with IP56 rate and 2-year warranty.
  5. The equalizer helps to personalize the music choice and can go up to 33 feet.
  6. Jabra Elite Active 65T provides one-touch access to voice assistants like Alexa, Siri


  1. The Jabra Active Elite 65T is relatively light and doesn’t fit everyone.
  2. The manufactures need to work on the motion sensors

Final Verdict

Jabra Elite Active 65T has got all the looks and unique colour options as compared to the Meizu POP wireless earphone. The overall battery life of Jabra Elite is also great but when it comes to sturdy feature and high-quality hands-free experience Meizu POP wireless earphone tops the chart. The Meizu POP provides excellent features similar to Apple Air pods at a pocket-friendly price.

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